There goes another year.

Our volunteers are gearing up to keep the QPWS information centre open and ready to enlighten the hoards of summer visitors to Lamington National Park on what makes our park special. Meanwhile our members enjoyed a great day on Sat 26th November to wind up the year, with a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with our tiny little winged wonders of the park. Special thanks to Mel Venz for giving up her weekend and family time to come and share her passion and knowledge of the Microbats residing in and around Lamington National Park.

The day commenced with a morning walk by our active walkers to Pat’s Bluff. After lunch we got down to business GMNHA meeting, followed by afternoon tea. Then the highlight of the weekend, as members, guests and staff were treated to an informative and interactive talk about the the results of twenty years of monitoring the tiny winged wonders, known as microbats. Mel came prepared with some of the the tiny critters in hand to show the audience. Everyone was rather taken and astonished, as to just how little these mammals are. Sunset drinks at the bar were enjoyed, prior to a further show and tell at the harp traps at dusk as the catch from the prior evening were released. The day wound up with a delicious dinner and complimentary wine from O’Reilly’s. To all our volunteers, members and supporters throughout the year we wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

Mel Venz presenting her BAT Powered point.

Mel has been trapping and surveying the micro-bats of Green Mountains for many years now, and provides a fascinating insight into these tiny creatures of the forest.

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